Hello Cats and Kittens

This reality show world we live in keeps trudging along.  Thank the sweet noodle gods we have books to keep us sane!!  Our Friday night zoom call is still going strong, we even have a few new members. We love being able to chat will all of you about the fictional and nonfictional aspects of whats happening.  For anyone who isn’t a part of the madness yet and wants to be simply pour you a drink (optional), sign into 3bookgirl book tribe on face book, and join the fun.

What’s coming up in our crazy little podcast you ask?  Well let me tell you!!  In the next few weeks we will be setting a time to discuss Shadow And Bones by Leigh Bardugo.  And we may be posting more author interviews soon. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Stay safe and mask up!!  Bye

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