Podcast Notes – Episode 238

Wow. There is a lot to cover this week. First, if you’re wondering about the TikTok that Keathe has stuck in her head, it is this one:



♬ original sound – claybaby

It’s just such a catchy little song!

We also were talking about this Scary Mommy article:

This Cult Vibrator Has Returned With Even More Intense Features — And The Reviews Are Bonkers

If you are looking to have the vibrator that all those ladies were raving about, you can purchase it here (and support the podcast while you do it):

It comes in rose-red, purple, and teal! (Magen was not blushing at all while we discussed this topic by the way) 😉

But now on to the books!

Vonnie’s book:

Keathe’s book:

Magen’s book:

Martha’s book:

We are super excited to be Amazon Associates now, so if you’d like to purchase one of this week’s books, please consider shopping through our affiliate links, and support our podcast!

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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