Podcast Notes – Episode 240 (the one with all the morgue stuff)

Hey bookish friends! This was a great week for making Magen blush and have convultions! For working in a hospital, she is not a big fan of the morgue, who knew?

Rachael is a closet fan of Costco Haul videos on youtube (again, who knew?) Looking to see what the fuss is about? Check out all the hauls at this link:

Costco Hauls

Along those lines, we wouldnt be us unless we linked to some book hauls too!

Book Hauls

Rachael was talking about the podcast that her author has (Jensen & Holes), and you can find more info about them here:

Jensen & Holes

Without further ado, here are the books we reviewed this week:

Vonnie’s book:

Magen’s book:

Rachael’s book:

Martha’s book:

These are affiliate links, so every purchase made through them helps out the podcast!

Have an amazing week, bookish friends!

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