Podcast Notes for Episode 241

Hey book friends! We were gearing up for what we want for Mother’s Day! Did you see the new gift ideas on the Goop Page? Martha likes the vibrator necklace, Keathe wants her own shed (sadly the candles are all sold out), but you can check out all the stuff we were talking about on the podcast right here:

Goop Mother’s Day gift guide

Ready to move on to the books we reviewed this week? Here they are:

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

We also were able to interview Caitlin Rother about her new book, and you can find it on our author page, or follow the link here:

Caitlin Rother interview

Rachael recommended a book to Vonnie (our resident WWII fan)

(you can buy any of the books we talked about through our affiliate links, which helps to support the podcast)

So, where are you in the cookie baking butter vs margerine debate? Let us know because we are tallying votes! See you next week book friends!

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