Podcast Notes – Episode 249 (the one with Christopher Buehlman)

Hello Bookish friends! This week we were fangirling over author Christopher Buehlman, who joined us to review his first fantasy novel. He has written in the horror genre before (Martha is a HUGE fan), and of course Martha has his first edition debut novel (you know how she is with those debut novels).

Check out Christopher’s many novels and other writings here:

Christopher’s website

Christopher was a lot of fun, and joined right in on the inappropriate conversation this week (do prettier guys have smaller dangling participles?) Here is the research:

Weird study

We reviewed books too 😉

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Christopher’s book

Martha’s book

We had so much fun with Christopher, and he fit in with all of our inappropriate hijinks, just great! Go check out his new fantasty novel, Blacktongue Thief (if you purchase through our links, you’ll be supporting the podcast!) Hope you have a great week, bookish friends!

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