Podcast Notes – Episode 255

Hello again bookish friends! Hope you had an amazing weekend, and got in some great reading, or went out and enjoyed the sunshine, or both! We had Allison, a member of our Facebook Tribe (that you can join on Facebook here: Book Tribe) join us this week on the podcast! There were some inappropiate conversations had, like always, so let’s get going!

Don’t forget that our live podcast in Boudler, Colarado is coming up on August 14th from 12-2pm at Trident Booksellers and Cafe. We’d love it if our book loving people would come out so we can meet you all!

Allison let us in one a cool library secret (to me at least). There are many libraries that allow people outside of the state obtain a library card for a fee (usually between $25-$50 a year). The beauty of this is that if you use an ereader, you can then enter that card into your Libby or Autodrive account, and have more ebooks to choose from!

Keathe mentioned the Philadelphia Free Library as one that participates in this program, but unfortunately they no longer allow anyone out of state to obtain a card, but we found a list of large libraries that do here: Get More Library Cards Online

Many of us are watching the Olympics this week, and the 3 Book Girls have a legitimate question: Are male runners bothered by the lack of support around their junk when they run? As a woman, I don’t think I could run without my girls being heavily restrained. Is it true for guys too? Look at this video, and you can see what we mean:

Do you know a guy who runs? Ask him and satisfy our curiosity. Let us know in the comments, or on facebook, please!

Guess what? We talked about books too!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Allison’s book

Martha’s book

For those of you wondering about that stripper scene in The Proposal that Vonnie was waxing nostalgic about, you can see it here:

And that new TikTok trend that Allison mentioned? Here it is:

And that is it for this week, bookish friends! Hope you all have an amazing reading week!

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