Episode 256 – Podcast Notes

Hey there bookish friends! I hope you all had relaxing weeks doing exactly what you enjoyed (and mayeb a little reading sprinkled in there too). One of our Tribe members, Pat, joined us on the podcast this week! Have you joined the Tribe facebook group yet? 3 Book Girls Tribe

Can I just tell you how surreal it is to know that our next podcast is going to be live in Boulder, CO?!?!? We are so excited to meet any and all of our bookish friends that can make it over to Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Saturday at 12pm. You’ll get to see exactly how ridiculous we all are, and the stuff behind the scenes! So, if you’re in the area, please come up and say ‘Hi’ because we are just dying to meet you!

This week was Vonnie’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Vonnie! (insert offkey singing here)

Have you heard about this whole California thing with the possible bacon shortage in 2022? What are we going to have with our pancakes and eggs? Not to mention the topping on our pizza! I guess turkeys are going to have to step up to the plate and become the new substitute bacon and sausage staples. If you haven’t heard about this yet, you can find an article here:

bacon shortage

Would you pay higher prices as long as you could have the real thing? I need all my money for books, so I’d go with the turkey bacon (but it would never be the same) 😦

What the heck is the deal with the mice sweating out fat? Um, nasty! I’m telling you right now, I would have oily trails behind me everywhere I went!

mice sweat fat – ew

I’d rather my fat left me in cute little adipose creatures like the episode of Dr. Who. Have you seen that episode? People lose weight in the form of adorable little creatures like this one:

(that thing is seriously adorable)

We also talked about the difference between a turkey and a guinea fowl. I’d certainly never seen a guinea fowl, so I (of course) had to google it:

It looks like one of the bad guys from The Dark Crystal

Ok, Ok. We talked about books too!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

Martha’s book

That’s it for this week, bookish friends! I hope you all have a great week, and really hope to be able to meet some of you in Boulder!

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