Podcast Notes – Episode 258 (The LIVE Episode!)

Hello there bookish friends! We did it, we traveled over to Boulder, CO and did our first ever traveling book tour stop! Was it amazing? Yes! Did we meet new book friends? Yes! Do we want to do it all over again? Yes!

We were so fortunate to be hosted by the ever so amazing, Trident Booksellers & Cafe! They really rolled out the red carpet for us, and we couldn’t appreciate them more for giving us a space to be totally inappropriate and well, us! If you are ever in the Boulder area, you must check them out!

Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boulder, CO

One of the best things about doing a live show, is seeing all the bookish friends we have made in person! We were so amazed by how many people were able to come out and check out the podcast. Even if you weren’t able to jet over to Boulder, we still want to meet all of you! If you are a bookish person, then we are your tribe! Come join us over on our 3 Book Girls Tribe page on facebook!

While in Denver and Boulder, of course we had to go book shopping! We found the coolest place ever in the Flatiron Crossing shopping center. Have you locals checked out 2nd & Charles? Just look at this decorative wall made out of book spines!!!! We were in love!

a book wall made out of book spines? yes please!

Amazingly enough, we also reviewed books!

Vonnie’s book

Magen’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

if you’ve read Martha’s book, you know that there is another coming out in the series soon. Here is where you can preorder it:

We loved our ‘no effing shelf awareness tour’ t shirts so much that we needed more, so you can now find the logo on all sorts of new merch through our Red Bubble site

And just like that, we are back into the swing of things, and wondering where we will end up next! Have suggestions? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Want to see the live podcast in its entirety? You can see it on Facebook here:

Live podcast at Trident Booksellers & Cafe

We will catch you guys next time, bookish friends! Hope you have an amazing reading week!

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