Podcast Notes – Episode 273

Hello again bookish friends! We are really getting into the holiday season now, and we are hoping that while you are employing your holiday cheer, that you still have time for bookish pursuits. Martha couldn’t wait to show us her alternative to the Christmas sweater, and that was the Christmas bowling shirt! This is the shirt she will be wearing this season:

Now, of course, we then needed to look up similar Christmas shirts on Amazon (because that’s where we do the bulk of our shopping, gotta love that Prime shipping) so that we could link items to buy through our affiliate links. These help to support our podcast! Here are some of our favorites:

Then we started talking underwear, and we were all about the ball hammock undies for men and the period panties for women:

Hey! We talked books too, can you imagine that?!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Rachael’s book

Martha’s book

We just can’t get enough of ball talk apparently, because now we’re searching for stuff to make his down there more fresh. Here are some of the top contenders:

Whoo! We had a lot of strange conversations this week! I’m willing to bet that a bunch of them make our blooper/cut for time reel on our new Patreon Page. Check us out if you want to hear even more from the 3 Book Girls! You’ll get extra clips from the shows, access to our Patreon only facebook page, and even bonus episodes!

Hope you get lots of good bookish time in this week everybody! See you next week, bookish friends!

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