Podcast Notes – Episode 275

Hello again, bookish friends! As everything is winding down for the holiday season, the Book Girls have been busy. This week, we bring you your regularly scheduled content, and next week we will have each of the Book Girls giving their top five books they read this past year!

Of course we had to start off with some bizarre conversations though. (Hey. we got to be us!) Since all five of the Book Girls were together, of course everything went a little off the rails. Have you ever thought about the differences between ourselves and the tv content overseas (for this conversation, we were discussing the UK)? Keathe discovered a fascinating new dating show that she just had to share with us all. Naked Attraction (and it is exactly what it sounds like)! Have any of our international book girls ever heard of this show? You absolutely have to let us know if you have on our Facebook page! (Pretty Please!)

Naked Attraction – Don’t click on this link at work or with the kids nearby!

We also found a less expensive alternative to the ball hammock undies that we’ve been talking about so much recently. If you don’t need any of the funny designs, Hanes has come out with their own version, and their commercial is terrific!


Ok, we talked about books a little bit too 😉

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s Book

Rachael’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

And that’s a wrap for us! Next time you hear from us will be after Christmas, so we wish you all a Happy Holiday season, whatever you celebrate this time of year, and we will see you soon for a recap of the best of the year! Until then, have an amazing reading week, bookish friends!

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