Podcast Notes – Episode 282 (Live Show)

Hello again, bookish friends! We had so much fun seeing you guys in Oklahoma City last weekend! We saw old friends, met new friends, and got to hear from a lot of you on facebook live. There were some moments of history made, we all learned some new things, and we talked about books. What better way to spend an evening? Our next live show will be on Friday, April 1st at Full Circle Books!

We started out with some interesting stories about stuff you really shouldn’t Google. It all started because of this article we read:

Don’t Google These Words!

And of course, that got us to wondering what other stuff have we ever found while googling that surprised us? Well, let me tell you that teabagging is definitely an experience, as well as : ‘tossing a salad’, ‘netflix and chill’, ‘peanut butter jelly time’ (which we just thought was an annoying song), and the infamous ‘twice baked potato’. If you look these things up, just don’t say we didn’t warn you…

We gave out some fun Redbubble merch too! 3 Book Girls has some really fun stuff you can buy to show off the podcast with pride while also supporting what we do! You can show off being a Tribe member with this hoodie:

who doesn’t need more hoodies?

(You are a member of our Tribe, right? If you haven’t joined yet, then come on over to the 3 Book Girls Tribe Facebook Group)

How fun are these coasters?

how cute are these things?!?

If you’d like to get bonus content, like our outtakes, and an extra podcast episode each quarter, PLUS support the podcast so we can keep bringing you all the inappropriate talk about books each week, you can join our Patreon here: 3 Book Girls Patreon (and get our undying gratitude!)

What books did we pick to talk about in Oklahoma?

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

Are you read for this??????? Martha described a scene in the book as…….. ‘POIGNANT!’ It was incredible, it was amazing, it was a moment of history, it made people stand up and take notice, it made Mr. Keathe add this entry into the Urban Dictionary…

I don’t know why he had to talk about ‘moist’.

We have our own special brand of crazy don’t we?

After the live show wrapped, we got to have a discussion about this book:

And that was a wrap on our first live show back at Full Circle in what seems like forever! Hope that if you’re able, you’ll join us next time! We will be back to the usual next week, and discussing more great books. Hope you all have a great reading week, bookish friends

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