Podcast Notes – Episode 283

Hello again bookish friends! Hope you are all having a great Valentine’s Day, or as the Book Girls are celebrating it: Galentine’s Day! This episode is devoted to books with great female relationships in honor of the holiday. Of course, before we talked about books we had some inappropriate conversations.

Martha introduced us to the gross test that BuzzFeed recently put out for women. Let me just say that some of us scored way higher than others (it’s me, Keathe, I’m the one who scored high), and it created some controversy. You’ve got to take the quiz and then let us know:

  1. Your percentage of grossness
  2. Whether you agree with the questions

How much of a gross girl are you quiz by BuzzFeed

Along a similar vein, we also were talking about the ever so famous ‘below the belt’ shavers for men that are becoming all the rage. We figure that if guys trust this to trim their nuts, then it’s probably going to be fairly gentle on our girly bits. The top of the line will cost a pretty penny though:

We also had a weird conversation about how ice fishing relates to prostitution. It’ll make a little more sense if you watch this first:


Makes no sense at all! I’m sure this will get deleted but #wtf #politicians #icefishing #iceshanty

♬ original sound – FishHouse360

So, for all those who want to know how the idea of Galentine’s Day came about, we owe this new holiday to Parks and Rec.

Happy Belated Galentine’s Day!

Here are our Galentine’s Day books:

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

That’s going to do it for another fun filled episode of book reviews! Hoping that whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day that you are able to do it surrounded by great books. See you next time, bookish friends!

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