Podcast Notes – Episode 286

Hello again, bookish friends! Hope everybody is having a good week, full of great books! This week we went all over the place with our conversations, but some important news about our upcoming live event was forthcoming too.

We will be back live at Full Circle Bookstore on Friday, April 1 at 7:00pm. We will be doing our regular podcast and reviewing some great books! After we finish the podcast, we will be having a book discussion about Nancy Johnson’s ‘The Kindest Lie’. If you’re local, Full Circle has copies available to purchase.

Our newest bonus episode of the podcast is now available on our Patreon page for our Novel level subscribers! This time we discussed books relating to pandemics (either the one we are currently in or other fictional pandemics). If you’d like to check us out on Patreon, you can find us here: 3 Book Girls Patron Page

I’m not even sure why we were talking about this amazing outfit that Babs wore, but here is the sexy Own and the Pussycat outfit in all its glory:

Can I get it in a color other than pink?

We also talked about a company who has started an interesting perk for their employees. The company, Strip Chat has pods where they can get their ‘creative juices’ flowing by engaging in VR masturbation pods. They are pretty cool looking honestly. You can check out the article here: Strip Chat Funtime Pods

Alright, enough of that. We talked about books too:

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

We talked about the entire series that this book is a part of as well:

Martha’s book

Ok bookish friends, that’s going to do it for yet another fun filled book week for us. Hope you all have an amazing reading week, and we will see you next time!

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