Podcast Notes – Episode 266

Hello there, bookish friends! Hope you're having a great spooky reading month! The Book Girls are still in the thick of horror month, and reading the creepy and strange. What have you guys been reading? Let us know over on the 3 Book Girls Tribe page on Facebook. Also, check out our candy corn Yay… Continue reading Podcast Notes – Episode 266

Podcast Notes – Episode 264

Hello again, bookish friends, and welcome to Horror Month on our podcast! All through October, we will be reading everything creepy and spooky. Of course, before we talked about the stuff that scared us, we talked about the stuff that made us laugh out loud. Haley Morris' channel on TikTok was one of those things!… Continue reading Podcast Notes – Episode 264

Episode 261 – Podcast Notes

Hello there bookish friends! Welcome to another podcast filled with inappropriate conversations, shenanigans, and book talk. For our jewelry enthusiasts, here are a pair of super adorable earrings that Martha recently bought from her new discovery, the Fire and Forge shop! So pretty! Here is a link to their website where you can see all… Continue reading Episode 261 – Podcast Notes