Podcast Notes – Episode 263

Hello again, bookish friends! Hope you all had an amazing reading week. Martha is back this podcast, and she's checking the house to make sure we didn't have a raging kegger in her absence. As usual, we had some pretty interesting conversations on the podcast. I think we all learned a little something in this… Continue reading Podcast Notes – Episode 263

Episode 261 – Podcast Notes

Hello there bookish friends! Welcome to another podcast filled with inappropriate conversations, shenanigans, and book talk. For our jewelry enthusiasts, here are a pair of super adorable earrings that Martha recently bought from her new discovery, the Fire and Forge shop! So pretty! Here is a link to their website where you can see all… Continue reading Episode 261 – Podcast Notes

Podcast Notes for Episode 243

Hello bookish friends! Ok, do you all want to see the fun coloring books that we got for Mother's Day? I know that's why you're here! If you want a super inappropriate coloring book (since you're listening to a super inappropriate book podcast) here are the awesome gifts we received this weeked: We all found… Continue reading Podcast Notes for Episode 243