Episode 244 – Podcast Notes

Hello again book-ish friends! We had to make do without Vonnie this week, because she was attending her son’s college graduation. Go Tyler!! Martha was surrounded by romance and poignant books (her least favorite word ever).

Martha went on location and discovered an awesome cookie delivery business (but didn’t bring us any cookies, and we weren’t at all salty about that). You should check them out because they are awesome:

Tiff’s Treats

We also had some inappropriate discussions about straws… Here is the link for Magen’s key chain straw:

We also were making up our lists of 5 people we would have sex with. Everyone needs to be thinking of who you’d put on your lists. I feel like there will be a facebook post coming up about it…

Funny enough, we also reviewed some books! Here is what they were:

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Rachael’s book

Martha’s book

That’s all for this week, bookish friends! Have good one, and we’ll see you next week 🙂

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