Podcast Notes – Episode 265

Hey there, bookish friends! Hope everybody had a great week of reading. Here at 3 Book Girls, we’ve delved into out month of spooky, horrific, and downright terrifying books. What Halloweenish type books have you read for October? Be sure to let us know over at the 3 Book Girls Tribe. (And if you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for? We want to meet you!)

Jessica was here this week! She is incredibly busy lately, so we were super excited that she was able to make it for our spooky reads month! Here is an amazing screenshot of her as photographic proof!

Not only did we talk scary books this week, we talked scary foods; like the freaky meat face here.

Why, just why?!?!?!?

We also talked about books:

Jessica’s book:

Keathe’s book:

Rachael’s book:

Magen’s book:

Martha’s book:

Week 2 of October spooky reads month is in the books! Don’t forget to let us know about what you’re reading over at the tribe. Have an amazing book week, bookish friends!

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