Podcast Notes – Episode 277

Hello again bookish friends, and welcome to a brand new year of 3 Book Girls! We talked a little about what we did over the break, and also about some of our most embarrasing wardrobe malfunctions this podcast. You may have guessed what brought up the wardrobe malfunction conversation, if you were watching Miley Cyrus in Miami on New Year’s Eve.

So now we want to know, have you ever experienced a moment where you showed a little more than you aimed for? Let us know on our 3 Book Girls Tribe Facebook page.

It’s almost time for our next live show! We haven’t been live since we went out to Denver in August! This time we’ll be back to our old stomping ground at Full Circle Book Store in Oklahoma City, OK on January 29th. Make plans to come out and see us! We will be doing one of our regular episodes live, and after will be having a book club type discussion where the Book Girls all discuss a single book we’ve all read.

So what books did we decide to ring in the New Year with?

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book (comes out for purchase on 1/4!)

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

Remember to join us on Facebook to discuss the podcast, chat with fellow book lovers, and to tell us what book you decided to ring in the New Year with! Hope you have a great reading week, bookish friends!

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