Episode 274 – Podcast Notes

Hello bookish friends, and welcome to another podcast! As the holiday season keeps rolling along, my life gets busier and busier. Hopefully if the same is true for you that you’re still able to get in some relaxing times with a good book!

Have you see the amazing leggings that make everybody’s butt look amazing? For a long time, you couldn’t be on social media without seeing an ad for them somewhere. Here are the leggings we were talking about:

And why are dog toys getting to be so erotic looking? Do we just have dirtier minds than most? You can be the judge:

Alas, this amazing dog toy is not available at Amazon 😦

We even see dirty stuff in Christmas decorations:

Candles? Hmmm…
That’s a happy guy right there!

I think we all need to attend a dirty Santa gift exchange like Magen had at her Christmas party! We all need glass markers and bullets!

Wanna break stuff? Martha found a place in the Oklahoma City area to go to for breaking crap! Check it out, and then check to see if you have anything similar in your area:

Break Room 405

And we talked books too!

Vonnie’s book

Magen’s book

Rachael’s book

Martha’s book

Hopefully you had just as good a reading week as we did, and hope you’ll have an amazing week of reading to come! We’ll see you next week, bookish friends!

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